Welcome to, an unofficial website dedicated to a young, talented and very handsome British actor, Samuel Barnett. You may know Sam from his roles in The History Boys (both the movie and the play), Mrs Henderson Presents movie, TV show Strange, HBO production John Adams or from his on-stage productions: Dealer's Choice, When You Cure Me or others.

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Current/recent projects
  • Desperate Romantics
  • Role: John Millais
  • Status: pre-production
  • Bright Star
  • Role: Joseph Severn
  • Status: post-production
  • Beautiful People
  • Role: Adult Simon (Narrator)
  • Status: Season 1 completed, Season 2 confirmed
  • Crooked House
  • Role: Billy
  • Status: Completed

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Vote for “Beautiful People” in The TV Quick & TV Choice Awards survey
"Beautiful People" was nominated for The TV Quick & TV Choice Awards in Best comedy show category!!!

You can cast your vote in The TV Quick & TV Choice Awards survey. :)
Posted on 24 May 2009 by Zinah
"Beautiful People" premieres on LOGO!!!
"Beautiful People" premieres on gay channel LOGO on 26th May! US fans, tune in! :) According to BroadcastNow, both series 1 and 2 were sold to LOGO - so it seems that not only show is well, alive and kicking but also a lot more people will see it than we originally thought. Awesome news!

LOGO already has its small page for our show with episode previews and a trailer. Check it out!
Posted on 19 May 2009 by Zinah
I won't be here tomorrow so I'm posting it now. I already sent my card to Sam but I'll write it here again because I'm not sure if the card arrived on time. smile

Happy Birthday, Sam!!!! we wish you all the best and have fun on your special day! *HUGS*

Please, join me and post your b-day wishes for Sam in comments!
Posted on 24 Apr 2009 by Zinah
Updates soon
I'm so sorry for lack of updates but I had some problems with my computer (resulting in reinstalling both systems) and my I-net connection - so it took some time before I got everything in place again. I also went to a concert (band playing: Týr, Heidevolk and Alestorm) - it was AWESOME but next few days I was just dead, and, what's worse, semi deaf (I still hear this strange noise which I know is not real). Plus, my survey, which is a part of my thesis, went totally wrong in my first group, which left me really depressed.

But there are some good news - I have tons of new stuff about our Sammy - loads of screencaps and I made some scans. I'll post them on Sunday, because tomorrow I'll be on a trip. Also - tomorrow there is Sam's birthday!!! YAAAY! smile

Again, sorry for this but I'll try to make up for it and post soon.
Posted on 24 Apr 2009 by Zinah
New layout in the Gallery! and reCaptcha.
We have a spanking new layout in the Gallery!!! :) Yikes. Tell me whether you like it or not! I really need feedback. I know that colors are... ummm, challenging and kinda BP style but I like this design. And the header was made from my favourite pic of Sam ever.

Also, there is a new "feature" in the Gallery. I already tried it on my other sites and it works quite well. All those spammers and bots get on my nerves so I decided to add an additional step during the registration in the Gallery - now, before one becomes a fully-fledged user, one must pass the reCaptcha. laughing Don't worry, it's not that bad, and if you're a human wink - it will be easy to fill. I decided to add this only during registration, not posting comments - so it should be more convenient for you. Already registered users don't have to do anything so you can ignore this if you are one. I'm not planning to add something like this to comments if I'm not forced to do so. It's still not tweaked so the error message looks really ugly but I'm working on it. I will also add some more instructions to it. I hope it will stop most of spammer bots.

Until I solve all my problems with this, the Gallery can be viewed without registering. After that, when I'm sure everything works fine, it will be closed to anonymous browsing.
Posted on 14 Apr 2009 by Zinah
Screencaps from "Beautiful People"
I've added screencaps from episodes 1, 2 and 3 of "Beautiful People" to the gallery! This show is amazing smile - very funny - and Sam is cuter than ever!!!! tongue

See? and guess what? They're in HQ - they were made from HD version (1280x720)!

More to come!

Making those screencaps costs me a lot of effort. Please, respect that. DO NOT REMOVE THE TAG WHEN REPOSTING! NO HOTLINKING!
Posted on 12 Apr 2009 by Zinah
Sorry, haven't been around lately but I wanted to wish you happy Easter/Passover, whichever you celebrate! If you don't, well - all the best too! I hope you all have a great time with your family/friends/significant other/etc. Take care, folks! smile
Posted on 12 Apr 2009 by Zinah
"Beast of Orlok" once again
Second part will be released on Saturday, first part is available for download and you can check the Big Finish site for more details and the trailer here (Sam is in it too!).

Posted on 09 Apr 2009 by Zinah
More photos from "Dealer's Choice"
I've added a few more (and a bit bigger) on-stage photos from "Dealer's Choice". smile The same albums as before:

Posted on 08 Apr 2009 by Zinah
Screencaps from "The South Bank Show" episode
I finally screencapped Alan Bennett's episode of "The South Bank Show". It's very nice and it also has a small part about "History Boys" - a glimpse of boys joking with Alan, playing with a ball and a short scene from one of the performances. smile Caps this way:

Posted on 07 Apr 2009 by Zinah
Screencaps from "Strange" - episode 0
Today is my Birthday - yay me! So let's celebrate it - I made screencaps from the first episode of "Strange" (which is not really first but a pilot, surprise)! smile Sam plays Doddington, a young priest in it and looks his usual cute self. Looking extremely hot in the same time, of course, because he easily manages to do both. A priest shouldn't be allowed to look THAT hot. Enjoy:

Here are all the screencaps:

Pity the show got cancelled - it was very good, I highly recommend it if you are able to watch it. I would like to see what happened next and especially, see Doddington character developed some more and not only being a Black's doormat. wink More caps coming soon!
Posted on 06 Apr 2009 by Zinah
More info on "Beast of Orlok"
Part one of "Beast of Orlok" will be available for download on Big Finish site on 4th April!!! smile WOOHOO! Next part will be released in the following weak - each episode premieres at 6 pm. Then it will be released on CD. Awesome!

"Third in the run of brand new Eighth Doctor adventures is The Beast of Orlok, which finds the Doctor (Paul McGann) and Lucie Miller (Sheridan Smith) in Germany, where they encounter a creature unlike anything either of them has seen before." - sounds interesting!

Sam plays Hans, son of Frau Tod, "a no-nonsense landlady who has a sharp tongue and a mean left hook".

Writer and director, Barnaby Edwards, says about Sam: "I cast Sam on the strength of his central performance in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys, for which he received both a Tony and Olivier award nomination. I wanted someone young, articulate, witty, intelligent and sincere for the role of Hans. Sam has those qualities in spades." Of course, he does!!!!! Awww.

The cover:

Posted on 02 Apr 2009 by Zinah
A few screencaps from "American Experience"
Samuel had a small role in "American Experience" (about Alexander Hamilton) - you can view a clip here (Sam is in Chapter 16). Also, you can view screencaps here:

(small bonus: Jamie Parker is in Chapter 12)
Posted on 02 Apr 2009 by Zinah
Sam in "Wilfred Owen: A Rememberance Tale"
Today I have a set of caps from "Wilfred Owen" documentary. Sam played Owen, of course, and read his poetry. smile I highly recommend this documentary - it's amazing, and Owen's poetry is something you can miss. Of course, I've never had it at school (yup, my school literature lessons were that shitty!) - but fortunately I managed to read it anyway. It's devastating and so good at the same time. Plus all documentaries about wars, especially World War I, just leave me floored and totally scared. I guess it's a good thing.

On a lighter note - the film also has a lot of scenes with Sam, and especially, him writing - and yes, those screencaps are the proof I have a bit of not-so-healthy wink obsession about certain person's hands. And a little warning wink - say hi to Sam's moustache!!! I'm not yet sure if I like it, I think I need to get used to it - but nice hair style!

After seeing this docu I made a mental note to finally read Pat Barker's "Regeneration". smile
Posted on 27 Mar 2009 by Zinah
Pics from "The Accrington Pals"!
I've found three on stage photos from "The Accrington Pals"!!! Amazing! See those rares here:

Sam - points for style for this hat. You look awesome in hats. Ok, a known fact - I have a thing for handsome men in hats. Sam, you handsome devil, you!
Posted on 23 Mar 2009 by Zinah
A few screencaps from "Coupling"
I've added a bunch of screencaps from "Coupling" - Sam had small role there, ok, small is not even a word, but he looks cuter than ever so it's worth to catch a glimpse of him in this one - and the show itself is also very good (and funny!).

I like him in this shirt. Hmpf. smile
Posted on 22 Mar 2009 by Zinah
More "Dealer's Choice" - on stage photos
We have some photos from "Dealer's Choice" - this time from the actual performance. smile See them here:

Posted on 16 Mar 2009 by Zinah
Photos from "When You Cure Me"
I've uploaded some photos from "When You Cure Me" - they are small but still worth seeing here:

Posted on 16 Mar 2009 by Zinah
A still from "Beautiful People" and "Dealer's Choice" posters
One more small update - I've uploaded a still from "Beautiful People" here:

and a few posters from "Dealer's Choice" here:

Posted on 15 Mar 2009 by Zinah
Samuel on the set of "Desperate Romantics"
We have first photos of Sam on the set of "Desperate Romantics"! OMG, his hair - take a look (added bonus of Aidan Turner, hi Aidan, hi Aidan's sideburns!):

Omg, what happened to his hair?? laughing laughing But I really like him in those stylish clothes. I can't wait - this series will be awesome!!!! laughing
Posted on 15 Mar 2009 by Zinah
Sam in Doctor Who Audio Adventures - "Beast of Orlok"
Sam was mentioned in 'Big Finish Outlines 2009 'Doctor Who' Audio Adventures' as being one of the guest cast in "Beast of Orlok", audio adventures of Doctor Who. He will play Hans. smile

source: Big Finish News
Posted on 15 Mar 2009 by Zinah
Welcome post!
Welcome to - a fansite dedicated to a very talented and handsome British actor, Samuel Barnett. I hope you enjoy your stay here and will come back for more.

This site is a part of

~+ Zinah +~
Posted on 14 Mar 2009 by Zinah
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